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tiniest taste

the lines that compel you make you over to want this jagged and smooth i touch my fingers to my flesh wrapped in black satin feel you beneath the surface i open up my soul to see you sitting there with god on your lips the ocean in your hand i cross eternity to feel you inside me i will forfeit this lifetime for … Read More tiniest taste

in you

intricate web of sensuality and seduction lost beneath dark desires that consume my nights compel my days promise me the depth of your soul allow me soft slow i dine sweet on your flesh create a new beauty in me open wide alive for the very first time comingled gold silver and blue illuminations place a frame around eternity yearn into the depths to … Read More in you

a lost goddess

this bed knows my dreams and passions lovers and longings the melody in my heart the scenes play out a projection of the mind spread forth begging to know you deep realities and fantasies blur to create dreams and delusions words spoken pleasures felt love known i ask for your truth and express my own remember the first time how we fell so hard … Read More a lost goddess

beauty aches

an old darkness settles over a new connection epic tragedy and tyranny beauty aches of ancient myths and fables distortions of desire forced to my knees for all the wrong reasons love slips through the cracks lost to the familiar empty

in this moment

scarlet jewels sparkle thru visions of awakening alive in my lust distractions of new flesh and blood your mysterious display hides in the darkness bending down to crawl into you tiny heart locket slips from my neck lightly brushing your cock a beautiful sight of hard silver and flesh reaching down mind melts into my panties boundaries of flesh dissolve into black shimmering light … Read More in this moment

make me real

desire consumes forced beyond comprehension lost focus grasping to feel alive to feel fulfilled what can you do for me how hard will you fill this void trust the shared empty to move you to me take my soul take it all make me breathe make me real in you

In You

borders of our flesh allow me to touch God my soul dances thru to dwell in you If I capture the precious words I get to touch everyone

The Spaces In-Between

words and you and God all I think about and the spaces in between the expanse to get lost in hold a tiny star gathering perspective everything and nothing eternally enmeshed in this small mind it goes out and locks in to this reality ignorant oblivious seeking what it already knows trying to find what it already has and now it has found you … Read More The Spaces In-Between

Venus Floats Nearby

Raining down God’s sweet nectar Anoints you With sweetest desire For unity For oneness For connection Passion is the tool Guiding you to my temple Driving us together Fulfilling prophecy To make complete To make whole To experience ananda Tasting your sweet perfection I offer myself to you Harmonious promises Boundaries dissolving with one touch Unified in passion Sensations dance us around Siva’s golden … Read More Venus Floats Nearby

Hopelessly Devoted…

I prayed for you At every temple at every shrine and at the river Ganga Before every deity in front of every murti during every perfect ritual At every practice at every gathering at every worship too I sent you love I wished you well I begged for peace for you Then I begged for freedom for my heart and for my mind Which … Read More Hopelessly Devoted…


Mandalas and mirrors Adorn the walls That covet the bed Glitter and reflect Entice and seduce What is your pleasure? Will it be everything you dreamt it would be? What visions what scenes will play across the mirrors for you What will you do with your pleasure Where will you take your ecstasy Will it stay with you through eternity I believe it can … Read More Eternity

Sapphires and Emeralds

Taking me by the hand, you lead me towards the dimly-lit cavern. Richly hued tapestries painted with golden starlight Drape the walls Detailed scenes of lovers enacting passionate scenarios Tiny mirrors sewn into the fabric Sparkled starlight Allowing me to see Tiny glimpses of myself Reflecting back to me Sensuality distorts my vision Is it me? Or fantasy? Is that you? Or my fantasy? … Read More Sapphires and Emeralds

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