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i want to know

and now now i want to know know what goes through your mind through your mind when you hear hear me quietly whisper whisper into your ear how desperately i long long to feel feel how exquisitely slow how slow you can slide slide the length the entire length of your beautiful cock – your beautiful cock that is so absolutely absolutely beyond hard … Read More i want to know

tiniest taste

the lines that compel you make you over to want this jagged and smooth i touch my fingers to my flesh wrapped in black satin feel you beneath the surface i open up my soul to see you sitting there with god on your lips the ocean in your hand i cross eternity to feel you inside me i will forfeit this lifetime for … Read More tiniest taste


enter winter moonlight brightens then disappears left longing cold and dark stark fears of empty that i fill with yet another sensual being sleek through lusty corridors tree-lined view of midnight sky i open for you and you take me because this is it tomorrow will not rise to meet us the present moment is all we have yet we barely recognize a life … Read More embrace

empty to see

i take in the view top-down sequined pink to catch the light to catch the mood slip it inside furtive smile hands in back rooms a cock slides along my tongue a finger explores becomes the one for a moment driven to gasp take more you want more restraint vanity pride control hung up high for all the empty to see answer the questions … Read More empty to see

this time

this time i am hiding in the back bedroom waiting to be found to be felt eyes half-closed languid i lay waiting to be touched you walk through the door look at me feel it all rise i am naked so i can feel you fully clothed rough denim on my soft flesh belt buckle digs into me slightly and i love this i … Read More this time


walked slow and sleek spread crimson satin beneath my feet senses colored seduction whispers a scenario for me to follow to fill the empty to appease the anguish beautiful cocks slip into my want one after another calling my name begging for more taking more than i have to offer greedy little needful things both you and i oblivious to repercussions lost in fantasy … Read More oblivion

in you

intricate web of sensuality and seduction lost beneath dark desires that consume my nights compel my days promise me the depth of your soul allow me soft slow i dine sweet on your flesh create a new beauty in me open wide alive for the very first time comingled gold silver and blue illuminations place a frame around eternity yearn into the depths to … Read More in you

a lost goddess

this bed knows my dreams and passions lovers and longings the melody in my heart the scenes play out a projection of the mind spread forth begging to know you deep realities and fantasies blur to create dreams and delusions words spoken pleasures felt love known i ask for your truth and express my own remember the first time how we fell so hard … Read More a lost goddess

by ice

held fast pulled taut penetrated by ice epic firsts leave me with only more want as you feed me my words line by line to match each deep thrust of your beautiful cock

the new erotic

sliding down into the new erotic deep dark resonance fetishized imaginings painted vibrant the cave walls primordial wisdoms and ancient rites of seduction and connection fornications and copulations to appease the gods and goddesses of eroticism and lust dancing and fucking under rich blood moons a celebration of flesh of life of love


overexposed to the wants and desires leaving me eternally open vulnerable to the beauty of emotion and seduction of flesh the depths of connection beyond perception visible fascinations penetrate deep below the surface of you of me superficiality luxuriates on video screens not on flesh not for two souls colluding in a real world the fantasy is real

into the new

obsidian angles lead into the new dimension stark in simplicity palpable erotic haunts the empty promised connection on the diagonal mysterious reflections penetrate the intention when you lose sight of reality lust bleeds out drains the potential beauty of the moment

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