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walked slow and sleek spread crimson satin beneath my feet senses colored seduction whispers a scenario for me to follow to fill the empty to appease the anguish beautiful cocks slip into my want one after another calling my name begging for more taking more than i have to offer greedy little needful things both you and i oblivious to repercussions lost in fantasy … Read More oblivion


determining my death in this moment stretched thin by eternity rendered useless insignificant fear lays down to bed me fucked relentlessly when is it your turn to seduce me so

never enough

dream me into you carving ancient ruins into my psyche illuminations to open the door transform old deaths into new promise fresh love to fuck or destroy to mutilate or liberate hanging on the edge of dreams made flesh reliving nightmares when unconsciousness reigns to devour and divide to have all you ever wanted will never be enough the beauty lies in release drop … Read More never enough

the new erotic

sliding down into the new erotic deep dark resonance fetishized imaginings painted vibrant the cave walls primordial wisdoms and ancient rites of seduction and connection fornications and copulations to appease the gods and goddesses of eroticism and lust dancing and fucking under rich blood moons a celebration of flesh of life of love

slowly down

slowly down your fuck i slide charcoal velvet whispers across my skin warm breath as i near your luscious lips various sensations vying for attention almost still that i may take them all in take you all in to my core where the lust radiates brilliant radiates us hot and cool  

Amidst the Flames

like gravity floating backward they stand amidst the smoke and flames anxiously waiting for nothing sound ceasing endlessly weary and wandering i fuck the night

You Make It Beautiful

I want to fuck all over you lose myself in liquid blue melt down through the inside seep into your dreams a coiled serpent guards the wisdom of this desire feeding on my lust laughing at my empty and there you sit and you make it all okay and your colors splash behind my eyes and merge into my mind that spreads beyond compelling … Read More You Make It Beautiful


Making prurient Fuck to myself Against desolate blackdrop Drone and beats Consume the air Carrying me away Schizophrenic ecstasy Pours over in sporadic waves Shimmering crimson and gold light Blazing through the dark To coalesce and converge Fashioning gorgeous silhouettes Out of the empty shadows In my mind Memories of fantasy lovers Raging back to life Lustful torments Consume my thoughts Masquerading fulfillment Promising … Read More Blackdrop

Circus Life

Calling out from the depths Riddled with want Burning with intensity Stabbing through broken heart Forlorn Scab torn Empty vessel of nothing Filling it with fuck Frenzied urgency disguised as slow sensual motion Trying to crawl inside Trying to realize the carnal scenes That play and dance through my mind Dark tawdry circus of lust and obsession Warped and bizarre ideas of perfection Grotesque … Read More Circus Life

Love the Longing

Such pleasure derived from painting desirous images with these lascivious words Words of my craving and lusting and longing Nowhere near as satisfying as feeling your flesh melting into mine But still luscious nonetheless It turns me on Thinking about turning you on As I experience my fantasy Sensory images of touch dancing brilliant coral and jade thru my mind Wrap, twist, turn, slide … Read More Love the Longing

Swirled With Stars

It starts out Innocently Languidly dreaming away the day Enveloped in thoughts of you Fantasies sensationalizing my body On the verge Yearning for your touch Fingers dancing over myself Experimenting with pressures That of whispers That of profanities Of course I can hear her My cunt whimpering in her loneliness Feigning gratitude for the substitute I’m offering her Glass cock swirled with stars The … Read More Swirled With Stars

Random Thoughts While Waiting for a Man…

…to meet me in a bookstore. I am amazed and impressed that I am able to hold it together right now. Sitting here surrounded by all these words, all these poets, all these books…anticipating the arrival of somebody new. A new mystery to unravel. A new story to write. A new chapter to read. Anticipation, desire, words, poetry, fantasy, philosophy, history, spirituality, death. Sitting … Read More Random Thoughts While Waiting for a Man…

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