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of the ages

conundrums and contradictions i am everything and nothing sleek down inside ease yourself into me attempt to comprehend the depths of my desire i want to take you with me to heaven and to hell to talk with the gods who dwell in realms of intensity and pleasure beyond the edges of this reality fantasies splash across starlit skies rain down fresh soaking hot … Read More of the ages

New Reality

Echoes hypnotic through mirrored hallways Thoughts reverberate forth and back Returning always to underlying drone of desire Soundscapes create portals to new worlds new possibilities new sensations Layers and dimensions mind expansions Leave your fantasies at the door Reality is alive flowing sleek and slow and seductive into my experience Crept in unaware Captured me with a few words That I will never forget


Making prurient Fuck to myself Against desolate blackdrop Drone and beats Consume the air Carrying me away Schizophrenic ecstasy Pours over in sporadic waves Shimmering crimson and gold light Blazing through the dark To coalesce and converge Fashioning gorgeous silhouettes Out of the empty shadows In my mind Memories of fantasy lovers Raging back to life Lustful torments Consume my thoughts Masquerading fulfillment Promising … Read More Blackdrop

Digital Divide

Listening with every ounce of my flesh. Alive in lust and desire and longing. Mind processing sensation. Body translating touch. Decoding euphoria. Weaving intricate fantasy. Too much erotic causes confusion. Blurs and mistakes and imaginations. Perverted images of love flicker and flash on the screen. Digital hearts. Distorted perceptions. Faulty connections. Psychotic break in the sentence. Mishaps in communication. Lines cross. Hearts break. Tears … Read More Digital Divide


Reverberating through my hollow Tormenting Searching for expression Waiting for a sign Hard to let go into the new nothing Trying to force the poem Wordless desire Yearning for its muse Dreaming of reunion Wandering aimless and forlorn Sensual wasteland strewn with random cocks Appease for a moment Oasis of flesh in my lonely desert Mirages of fulfillment Of satiation Of connection An end … Read More Mirage


Mandalas and mirrors Adorn the walls That covet the bed Glitter and reflect Entice and seduce What is your pleasure? Will it be everything you dreamt it would be? What visions what scenes will play across the mirrors for you What will you do with your pleasure Where will you take your ecstasy Will it stay with you through eternity I believe it can … Read More Eternity

Circus Life

Calling out from the depths Riddled with want Burning with intensity Stabbing through broken heart Forlorn Scab torn Empty vessel of nothing Filling it with fuck Frenzied urgency disguised as slow sensual motion Trying to crawl inside Trying to realize the carnal scenes That play and dance through my mind Dark tawdry circus of lust and obsession Warped and bizarre ideas of perfection Grotesque … Read More Circus Life


Feeling your strength Firm grip of your hand wrapped tightly into my hair Whimpering slightly Lustfully While you slowly Gently Deliberately Force me To my knees To worship You

The Things You Said

I was thinking about you today. And about the things you said you wanted to do to me. And then I pretended I was you. And I put my hands all over myself. And did to myself what you said you would do to me. And I felt a little bit naughty. And I wondered what you would do if you walked in And … Read More The Things You Said

Sapphires and Emeralds

Taking me by the hand, you lead me towards the dimly-lit cavern. Richly hued tapestries painted with golden starlight Drape the walls Detailed scenes of lovers enacting passionate scenarios Tiny mirrors sewn into the fabric Sparkled starlight Allowing me to see Tiny glimpses of myself Reflecting back to me Sensuality distorts my vision Is it me? Or fantasy? Is that you? Or my fantasy? … Read More Sapphires and Emeralds

This Place of Craving

So…I should be putting myself to bed right now, but I find myself in this place again. This place I visit all too often. This place of desire and want. This place of craving and lust. It is always, always, always right there beneath the surface. It used to be much easier to work with…a quick little moment to myself with a sensual song … Read More This Place of Craving

Fantasies for an Afternoon Drive

Faux fur soft as creatures lining deep black leather restraining wrists bound tight together pulled taut above my head. Breathless. Skin tingling electric Eagerly anticipating you. Images of naughtiness and punishment drip down, soaking my mind with intensity and need I greed as you feed me your fuck on my tongue in my mouth spilling over onto skin in sparkling jeweled streams that I … Read More Fantasies for an Afternoon Drive


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