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into the new

obsidian angles lead into the new dimension stark in simplicity palpable erotic haunts the empty promised connection on the diagonal mysterious reflections penetrate the intention when you lose sight of reality lust bleeds out drains the potential beauty of the moment


until our cosmic dance is complete the process begins anew opening us to even deeper and more elaborate displays of desire expressions of eroticism colouring outside the lines of ancient alien starships transporting dead dreams to extinct galaxies making way for the new explosions in the sky embrace this new world of luscious connection and endless possibility


the line at infinity completes the plane opening doors to new realms luscious visions emerge from the center of a new universe dissolution of false concepts of separation hypnotic truths past seductions realized the reality of connection lust has reason existence is sensual rubbing up against life against /sound /nature /vision /breath /god expose my flesh allow it all to reach inside to take … Read More exposed

a new energy

a new energy that has never existed before digital connections in dark hallways spun flesh drips down the hollow voice mouthing your name into deep crevices of my psyche implant the obsession calling out to dead worlds the longing painted black to disappear an endless void my forever want lost memories hide in broken cameras lurking high in dark corners watching my every move … Read More a new energy


elegant universe my body = the atmosphere wrapped spacious and tight round mesmerizing saturn luminous rings bind my wrists seductive stars lick sweet at my edges tealshine sunsets painted incandescent glow soft illumination of deep dark waters penetrating to unfathomable depths planetary wonders reaching into me creating atmospheric disturbances as lusty intoxicants drip in rivulets down unexplored terrain enormous mountains protrude into my wide … Read More atmosphere


sliding into position the perfect angle to open myself completely to you to slowly deliberately take absolutely all of you entering together traveling euphoric highways to new realms perched on the edge of galaxies starlit fantasies silver linings caress our dream of slow sensual motion from all the way out to all the way in music tempts my ears to tears sensational beauty surrounds … Read More divinity

etching memories

empty doorways new beginnings first kisses etching memories into bare flesh undress this desire fill it deep with your perfection not soon forgotten writhing on grey velvet i wait for you here  

to the eternal

echoes melodious through the bed chamber bathing your flesh in colors worthy of peacock brilliance teal and cerulean velvet and silk click beautiful to your ache deep trenches of desire annihilate all awareness of a world outside lost in time lost in my touch tremble beneath awake to the eternal calling you in calling from behind these half-closed eyes


fresh white clean lines bed sits on the edge eyes on you innocent pleading wanton wet now shy but not quite shy enough to hide the lust spilling out call to this now as i slip my own finger inside you watch bemused holding your beautiful cock in your hand just beyond my reach

with pleasure

sweetest little spankings slightest sting ecstatic shivers desire spreads sublime inhibitions slip out the door as my panties fall to the floor back gracefully arched hair flowing softly down every inch alive with pleasure and promising possibilities of what is to come and once again i am ready to be consumed take it all if you want take every fantasy you ever had of … Read More with pleasure

a new ending

The second you leave i want you back in my bed in my body in my fantasy blue dances in to fill the empty spaces of longing and desire i have a sweet little toy that i turn to out of desperation but it is not your touch your flesh your hard this poem needs a new ending….

i recently discovered…

how deliciously hard i like my nipples licked and flicked and sucked on. i adore every aspect of it – watching lips and tongues swirl and wrap around my sweet hard little nipple – watching it disappear into your hot wet mouth – see your beautiful hands and fingers caressing my sweet little breasts caressing lightly then more firmly, assertively, assuredly. the feeling of … Read More i recently discovered…

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