With eyes closed
Seeing the glow of your silhouette
connected to mine.
Creating a vast expanse
of intimacy.
Spacious in the energetic confines that are
Anything but.
So much movement in the stillness
Electric stillness.
Holding close
Holding silent
Holding still.
I hear my breath.
Slight gasp.
You move me
Touch me
Feel me.
Your mouth alive with mine
Perfection when we come together.
Exquisite perfection.
Disbelief each time we reunite.
Coming to terms with your magnificent perfection
Again and again.
Each time.
Letting go.
Getting lost.
In you.
In lust.
In God.
In my incessant desire.
I adore its intensity.

Scorpio = I desire.

Taming the desire
Harnessing intensity.
A lifetime spent.
Far to go.
My blessing and my curse.
I wouldn’t want it any other way.


The glow of the curve
Light exudes
Radiates silky nothingness
Spreading, surrounding, enveloping
Promises more
Offering the resplendent display
To set inside the grand cavern
To echo and bounce and serenade
To grow velvet drapes that mist over
Your shadow
and let you seep through
Just a pinch of light allows you shelter
So you go
Because you know
They make it right.
She parts the veil. She points the way.
Her laughter leads you through.

Six Years

So quiet. Even after all these years.
Time has not broken the silence.
The silence that cloaks your body. Your existence. Keeps you wrapped up tight.
I’d have thought that Time would have had more impact by now; I know it to be more powerful than this.
But your silence remains. The victor.
Your soul.

I want to lift it off. Remove your heavy, daunting cloak.
Pulling you down.
Holding you down.
You look exhausted
from carrying all that weight.
Lead cloak of silence.
Your master.
You obey.
You struggle.
You try.
You cannot break free.

I try.
I struggle.
I, like you, am helpless.

I succeed occasionally. For very brief moments. In the only way I know how
to get through.
Permeate the boundaries.
Break down the walls.
Explode the barriers
that keep you from living. From speaking. From opening to me.

Passion takes me there. Takes me to you. Pulls you to me.
The intensity of the moment.
Even your silence is not strong enough to hold it at bay.
I see into your eyes. Into your light. Into your soul.
At last we are connected again. Truly connected.
For this moment.
They are shining.

I see joy.
I see ecstasy.
I see God.
I see you.

It’s electric.
Your word, not mine.
Vision changes.
Colors glow vibrant.
Flesh melts together.
Becomes one.
So much energy coursing through our bodies.
We’re in another space now.
The silence remains. But it no longer covers your eyes.
Your eyes have some freedom now. They are communicating with me.
Calling out to me. Telling me. Connecting with me.
Allowing me a glimpse. Allowing me in.
You attempt to avert them.
But you, like me, cannot stop looking. Seeing. Connecting. Taking it while we can.

And it is painful each time.
Each time I witness the cloak.
Each time I try to break through…try to take it off.
And each time, discovering…yet again…that your cloak is so much stronger than I.
I curse your cloak and its treatment of you – the silent prisoner.

It’s okay though.
I don’t mind.
The challenge turns me on actually.

And those few moments of power…?
Yeah, I get off on that too.
It’s kinda dramatic…kinda romantic…kinda vampirical…
kinda sad…kinda seductive…

I want to keep playing
Hide and seek with you.

And I kinda can’t get enough of you…
And your deep dark silence…

Here’s to another six years lover.

I will always love you.


Your words fuck me.
Penetrate me.
Fill up my emptiness.
Promise and tease.

Empty promises. Only brief satiation. Left craving even more. Desire stronger. Now I need more.
I must have more.

I try to match your words. Feeble attempts at connection. Depths I can never attain.

I cannot find the fucking words.

Diving in, fingers grasping, cannot reach.
Return empty-handed, empty-hearted, mind full of desire. Fantasy. Unfulfilled. Lost again. Frustrated again. Fucked again. Ever empty.

A Tiny Glimpse…

Is it about desire
Is it about power
Is it about fantasy
Is it about reality
Is it about lust
Is it about love
Is it real
Is it true
Does it have to be anything?
Raw, unbridled. Passion unleashed –
just for passion’s sake.
The pure power of passion and desire
it melts me
makes me an insane person
bereft of reason.
Propelled by need and desire.
Cannot get enough.
Must have, must connect, must feel.
Come to me. Want me. Feel me. Lust me.
Be my object.
I want to be you.
I am you.


Stepping into the empty. It loves what you’ve done with the place.

Hung up. Held up. Ornaments attempt deceit. Concealment.


Flawed walls. Nothing holds.

Temporary appeasement. Aversion and disgrace. Grasping.

How much longer. How much harder.

Ever end. Can you end.

The cavern calls. Is calling…

Look over…

Seductive whispers…

Seductive whispers slipping from my mouth…
Dripping off my tongue…
Intensify your desire.
Have you any idea how badly I want this?
Teasing, tantalizing, playfully torturing, dare I beg…?
Threatening to unmask carefully hidden secrets, forgotten longings…
Fantasy realms unexplored.
Demanding dreams that call out for a stranger
To experience that pleasure unknown.
Parting the veil. Drip, drip, drip goes the passion. We succumb to this forbidden moment…

Will you let me…?


Hello you and welcome! I’ve been contemplating starting this blog for some time and am excited to finally be doing so. I’m not yet certain what direction it is going to take, but I have been curious about using a somewhat more personal format to share little bits of myself with you…aspects that aren’t as conducive to my website format. Something more spontaneous, juicy, free-flowing. So, if you’re open to some exploration with me, we shall just see what happens and where we end up from here. I anticipate a sensual, sexy, creative adventure of self-exploration and sharing from a deeper and, as mentioned before, more personal place. Let’s see what kind of delicious fun we can have together…probing and penetrating…opening to something new… Enjoy!

XOXO ~ Star

Why We F*ck Each Other

A friend shared an article with me today: why we fuck each other (included below).

Seems like the perfect first post for this blog.

I don’t know that I necessarily contemplate the “why” of it all, but I have spent a fair amount of time lately contemplating the desire of it all.  The often-times all-consuming desire that takes over.  Not all-consuming I guess. I’m still here.  But it sure as fuck feels that way sometimes. Flames of desire burning me up from the inside.  It is unbelievably powerful. And unbelievable how much I just want to be with another human being…making love…fucking…touching…holding…embracing…ravishing.
It runs towards a much deeper level than it has ever done. I didn’t know it could be like this and, it seems, it grows stronger almost daily – the desire.

It just keeps growing stronger.  And it is absolutely delicious.  And I just want more.  More connection on this level.  More skin.  More penetration.  More depth.  More exploration into this realm.

This intoxicating pleasure that is so, so, so much more.

I really could go on about it all night.  I’ll stop there though. I’ve been trying to capture this desire with words, poetry. I will share some of that with you in time.

I’ll leave you with a sweet article.  A lovely little note to end the evening with.  And I will take myself to bed contemplating why and how I want to fuck you…

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