A Tiny Glimpse…

Is it about desire
Is it about power
Is it about fantasy
Is it about reality
Is it about lust
Is it about love
Is it real
Is it true
Does it have to be anything?
Raw, unbridled. Passion unleashed –
just for passion’s sake.
The pure power of passion and desire
it melts me
makes me an insane person
bereft of reason.
Propelled by need and desire.
Cannot get enough.
Must have, must connect, must feel.
Come to me. Want me. Feel me. Lust me.
Be my object.
I want to be you.
I am you.


Stepping into the empty. It loves what you’ve done with the place.

Hung up. Held up. Ornaments attempt deceit. Concealment.


Flawed walls. Nothing holds.

Temporary appeasement. Aversion and disgrace. Grasping.

How much longer. How much harder.

Ever end. Can you end.

The cavern calls. Is calling…

Look over…

Seductive whispers…

Seductive whispers slipping from my mouth…
Dripping off my tongue…
Intensify your desire.
Have you any idea how badly I want this?
Teasing, tantalizing, playfully torturing, dare I beg…?
Threatening to unmask carefully hidden secrets, forgotten longings…
Fantasy realms unexplored.
Demanding dreams that call out for a stranger
To experience that pleasure unknown.
Parting the veil. Drip, drip, drip goes the passion. We succumb to this forbidden moment…

Will you let me…?


Hello you and welcome! I’ve been contemplating starting this blog for some time and am excited to finally be doing so. I’m not yet certain what direction it is going to take, but I have been curious about using a somewhat more personal format to share little bits of myself with you…aspects that aren’t as conducive to my website format. Something more spontaneous, juicy, free-flowing. So, if you’re open to some exploration with me, we shall just see what happens and where we end up from here. I anticipate a sensual, sexy, creative adventure of self-exploration and sharing from a deeper and, as mentioned before, more personal place. Let’s see what kind of delicious fun we can have together…probing and penetrating…opening to something new… Enjoy!

XOXO ~ Star

Views from the Market…


My morning ritual. Walk to get coffee. Stumptown latte…extra hot. Mmmmmm.
The leaves and the streetlights…I think they staged the entire thing.
They knew I was coming. I could hear the colors calling out to me, glorious in their tone. After a moment of wonder and awe, I reached for my camera… Where were you…?

Why We F*ck Each Other

A friend shared an article with me today: why we fuck each other (included below).

Seems like the perfect first post for this blog.

I don’t know that I necessarily contemplate the “why” of it all, but I have spent a fair amount of time lately contemplating the desire of it all.  The often-times all-consuming desire that takes over.  Not all-consuming I guess. I’m still here.  But it sure as fuck feels that way sometimes. Flames of desire burning me up from the inside.  It is unbelievably powerful. And unbelievable how much I just want to be with another human being…making love…fucking…touching…holding…embracing…ravishing.
It runs towards a much deeper level than it has ever done. I didn’t know it could be like this and, it seems, it grows stronger almost daily – the desire.

It just keeps growing stronger.  And it is absolutely delicious.  And I just want more.  More connection on this level.  More skin.  More penetration.  More depth.  More exploration into this realm.

This intoxicating pleasure that is so, so, so much more.

I really could go on about it all night.  I’ll stop there though. I’ve been trying to capture this desire with words, poetry. I will share some of that with you in time.

I’ll leave you with a sweet article.  A lovely little note to end the evening with.  And I will take myself to bed contemplating why and how I want to fuck you…


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