Sipping on Stars

Poured out onto the bed
My lust in a new texture
Soft sliding across your hard

Body draped and angled blue
Held close in your seduction
Rising up to meet me

Lips melting through the night
Sipping on stars
and liquid flesh

As your hair
tickles my face
and falls in my eyes

To Take Us Both

Because I want
and I want
to feel it
and I want
to know
and then I want
to want me
and to take me
and let desire
take us both
to caves where we
can listen
to the sounds
of crushed moss
and echoing creatures
and water
as you put
your hand
on me
my flesh
your finger
over the swirls
of my
tattooed flowers
as I brush
my fingertips
around the tip
of your
and feel
you move

Shine On Lovers

Circles serenade tiny boxes
Drumbeats in shadows
Escapades slip through the centers of stars
Magic incantations
to open new worlds

Peel back the flesh
expose the lust

Excursions and dimensions
for desirous playthings and
creatures of habit
wandering nightly into my bedroom
licking at the covers
slipping inside
ever faithful to my need


Romantic flavoured shades of turquoise,blue, cream. Intricately carved statues of erotica and enlightenment. Elegant glass swirls envelop cool dusting mists. Sparkles enlivening candlelight’s glow. Velvety pillows adorn cloudy soft bed. Awaiting moments of sensuality and sleep. Ruffled piles under delicate feet. Layers of luxurious. Reflections in tiny mirrors. Catching brief tantalizing glimpses of flesh – of erotic – of passion. Warm air vibrates electric – as does my skin. Swirling mind aglow – expanding to embrace – you. Shimmering mandala. Silver, black, cool, serene. Hypnotic seduction. Dramatic echoes on air. Moving through. Open window of my soul. Inviting you. To engage to wield to inhabit. Fingers brush touch stroke tease. Tongue caresses licks sucks tastes. Cunt seduces invites pulls devours. Cock hardens glistens thrusts fills. Want it all. Need it all. Lust it all. In this tiny space. My sensual domain. Want you here. Need you here. Empty without you here.

Venus Floats Nearby

Raining down
God’s sweet nectar
Anoints you
With sweetest desire
For unity For oneness For connection

Passion is the tool
Guiding you to my temple
Driving us together
Fulfilling prophecy
To make complete To make whole To experience ananda

Tasting your sweet perfection
I offer myself to you
Harmonious promises
Boundaries dissolving with one touch
Unified in passion

Sensations dance us around
Siva’s golden crescent moon
Glowing Venus
Floating orange nearby
Brilliant sprinkle of stars

Illumination shining through
Our bodies
Our souls
Our unity
The ultimate realization of the cosmos

There is no separation

But we enjoy this play
The play of coming and going
Of desiring other
Desiring unity
Desiring oneness

Two become one
The divine lila
Forever playing our parts
We fill ourselves with ecstasy
With God-intoxication

Hopelessly Devoted…

I prayed for you

At every temple
at every shrine
and at the river Ganga

Before every deity
in front of every murti
during every perfect ritual

At every practice
at every gathering
at every worship too

I sent you love
I wished you well
I begged for peace for you

Then I begged for freedom
for my heart
and for my mind

Which are painfully
and inexplicably
bound to you



Making prurient
Fuck to myself
Against desolate blackdrop
Drone and beats
Consume the air
Carrying me away
Schizophrenic ecstasy
Pours over in sporadic waves
Shimmering crimson and gold light
Blazing through the dark
To coalesce and converge
Fashioning gorgeous silhouettes
Out of the empty shadows
In my mind
Memories of fantasy lovers
Raging back to life
Lustful torments
Consume my thoughts
Masquerading fulfillment
Promising appeasement
Pretending to dispel
Useless wants and shadows
Of my make-believe world

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