An Eternity One Time…

at night
when I have you in my bed
i tip-toe around the edges of your soul
looking for the places
where yours connects to mine
while fingers move across your skin
lips drink luscious of your flesh
and your exquisite bottom lip
i never told you this but
i think i spent an eternity there one time

In Your Lust

it wants me there
lures and hums
dark into time
stepping down slow
sleeping sensual
in your lust
tracing fingers down
breathing in
northern light show
dances in the space
behind my eyes

You Make It Beautiful

I want
to fuck all over
lose myself
in liquid blue
melt down through
the inside
seep into
your dreams

a coiled serpent guards the wisdom of this desire
feeding on my lust
laughing at my empty
and there you sit
and you make it all

and your colors splash
behind my eyes
and merge into
my mind
that spreads beyond
compelling my heart
that cannot comprehend
what it is that you do
to me

with the slightest touch
a few easy words
the look in your eyes

and you change my world
and you make it beautiful

Roadside Pornography

She tried to clothe my abstractions
Dress them up all prim and proper
So I ran away
And on my way
Saw the sunset
Dripping off the roses
Lusty orange and pink seductions
Hanging by the roadside
Making love to telephone poles
For all the world to see
So I stopped to take a picture
And tried to write a poem
To capture the seduction
To clothe it in my art
Imprison it in image
Keep the lusty colors
Locked in my mind
And always in my heart


you writhe
your skin
beneath my fingers
sliding smoothly across

In You

borders of our flesh
allow me to touch God
my soul dances thru
to dwell in you
If I capture the precious words
I get to touch

New Reality

Echoes hypnotic
through mirrored hallways
Thoughts reverberate
forth and back
Returning always to underlying
drone of desire
Soundscapes create portals
to new worlds
new possibilities
new sensations
Layers and dimensions
mind expansions
Leave your fantasies at the door
Reality is alive
flowing sleek and slow and seductive
into my experience
Crept in
Captured me with a few words
That I will never forget


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