singing sensual

i love the death of you
for making me know
the depth of my heart
come back to me
when you find your way
i’ll be here
singing sensual
in dark ancient forests

a lost goddess

this bed knows
my dreams and passions
lovers and longings
the melody in my heart
the scenes play out
a projection of the mind
spread forth
begging to know you
realities and fantasies
blur to create
dreams and delusions
words spoken
pleasures felt
love known
i ask for your truth
and express my own
remember the first time
how we fell so hard
an energetic perfection
to follow us through
to enter paradise
if we want it
rules broken
paradigms shattered
recreate the story
virgin fantasies
punished flesh
expose the barrier
that hides within
articulate the confusion
to drive home
the living empty
buried beneath
talk to my flesh
make me want yours
living intimacy
sensual expressions
to come alive
to play a new role
welcome to the new world
partnerships required
seductions sublime
reluctance and release
i am trying to know
a lost goddess
and her god

by ice

held fast
pulled taut
by ice
epic firsts
leave me with only
more want
as you feed me
my words
line by line
to match
deep thrust
of your

beauty aches

an old darkness
settles over
a new connection
epic tragedy and tyranny
beauty aches of ancient
myths and fables
distortions of desire
forced to my knees
for all the wrong reasons
love slips through the cracks
to the familiar empty


a beauty shines deep
in the dark embrace
held fast to your flesh
i cannot want you enough
all sense of self
slowly disappears
my soul seeps into you
deep breath hypnotic
throughout eternity
i will only ever want

the new erotic

sliding down into
the new erotic
deep dark resonance
fetishized imaginings
painted vibrant
the cave walls
primordial wisdoms
and ancient rites
of seduction and connection
fornications and copulations
to appease the gods and goddesses
of eroticism and lust
dancing and fucking
under rich blood moons
a celebration
of flesh
of life
of love

a new era

to create ideals
out of sounds
and the messages
etched in blue light
hypnotic the desire
for naked flesh
and starlight
recall ancient longings
built in deep
and your beauty
speaks to me
to touch beyond
the usual processes
mundane explorations cast aside
as the new language
whispers in your ear
of eroticisms yet unbeholden
to the limitations
of this reality
in you
i sense the dawning
of a new era
of my sensuality


to the wants and desires
leaving me eternally open
to the beauty of emotion
and seduction
of flesh
the depths of connection
beyond perception
visible fascinations
penetrate deep below
the surface
of you
of me
superficiality luxuriates
on video screens
not on flesh
not for two souls
in a real world

the fantasy is real

so close

been thinking of you
all day
our next moments
of connection
so close
i can almost feel
your breath
on my flesh
from a week away
or maybe two…


tiny shards
reflections and
minor possessions
lay next to my body
caressing my imagination
coaxed into sleek dark shadows
world of words
desirous happenings
that play out
as you enter my space
step into this beauty
into precious
and now
into the memory of your soul
reconnect with union
and the perfection
of flesh

piscean dreams

diamonds pierce my flesh
permanently adorned
one vision of beauty
for some
sleeping on glass
waiting for the image
to be delivered
a gift of connection
deep communion
into the night
and i remember you
once twice
arriving in this moment
vivid in my exquisite
piscean dreams

into the new

obsidian angles
lead into the new dimension
stark in simplicity
palpable erotic
haunts the empty
promised connection
on the diagonal
mysterious reflections
penetrate the intention
when you lose sight
of reality
lust bleeds out
drains the potential
of the moment

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