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i recently discovered…

how deliciously hard i like my nipples licked and flicked and sucked on. i adore every aspect of it – watching lips and tongues swirl and wrap around my sweet hard little nipple – watching it disappear into your hot wet mouth – see your beautiful hands and fingers caressing my sweet little breasts caressing lightly then more firmly, assertively, assuredly. the feeling of … Read More i recently discovered…

This Place of Craving

So…I should be putting myself to bed right now, but I find myself in this place again. This place I visit all too often. This place of desire and want. This place of craving and lust. It is always, always, always right there beneath the surface. It used to be much easier to work with…a quick little moment to myself with a sensual song … Read More This Place of Craving


Swimming in this desirous state Dripping down As I go about my day. Maintaining my composure; trying to be a lady. Watching hours turn to minutes turn to seconds Waiting till you knock on my door And Touch me Finally The simplest thing turns into my entire world Your lips are on mine Galaxies colliding exquisitely New World created Permeated delicious torturous Delirious desire … Read More You

I Dare You…


Somebody asked me to share a secret with them this evening and of course my mind turned to the erotic… which is of course what they wanted to hear. Something sexy Something tantalizing Something risque Something sensual Something naughty Something intriguing Something delicious So what kind of sexy secret did I have to share? I don’t tend to keep too many secrets I don’t … Read More Secrets…

The Endless Ocean Of Seeking…

What is it that we’re seeking?  I know it is obvious to say “connection” and “intimacy.”  But…what are those? There is such a dance that happens that can be so simple at times, yet so complex at other times.  The image I have is layers weaving together to create a beautiful tapestry of desire, craving, needing, instinct, nature.  I referred to this tapestry as … Read More The Endless Ocean Of Seeking…

Random Thoughts While Waiting for a Man…

…to meet me in a bookstore. I am amazed and impressed that I am able to hold it together right now. Sitting here surrounded by all these words, all these poets, all these books…anticipating the arrival of somebody new. A new mystery to unravel. A new story to write. A new chapter to read. Anticipation, desire, words, poetry, fantasy, philosophy, history, spirituality, death. Sitting … Read More Random Thoughts While Waiting for a Man…


Hello you and welcome! I’ve been contemplating starting this blog for some time and am excited to finally be doing so. I’m not yet certain what direction it is going to take, but I have been curious about using a somewhat more personal format to share little bits of myself with you…aspects that aren’t as conducive to my website format. Something more spontaneous, juicy, … Read More Curious…?

Why We F*ck Each Other

A friend shared an article with me today: why we fuck each other (included below). Seems like the perfect first post for this blog. I don’t know that I necessarily contemplate the “why” of it all, but I have spent a fair amount of time lately contemplating the desire of it all.  The often-times all-consuming desire that takes over.  Not all-consuming I guess. I’m … Read More Why We F*ck Each Other

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