Field of erotic
Shimmering blue immersion
Waves of euphoria
Swirling electric
Over soft supple flesh

Reveling in the act
Of my own seduction
Of my own satin and lace
Teasing myself
As I ever so slowly
Ever so gently
Slide my panties
Up my tingling thighs

Delicate fabric slipping smoothly
Up hungry curves
Of my sumptuous ass
Playing it backwards
Savoring the exquisiteness
Of putting them on for you
To take off of me
Adorning my body
In anticipation of yours

One size too small
A recent discovery
Lace pulls ever so slightly
The tiniest bit tautly
Perfect pressure enhancing
The longing aching craving
For touch

Magnetic now
My fingers
Nearly impossible not to touch
Making myself wait
Imagination igniting
Flesh charged electric
Drenched in the edge of my explosion
Savoring delicious agony
And yearning

Finally allowing my fingers
To follow desire
But just the tiniest bit
Ever so slightly
Delicately dancing tips
Across magnetic flesh
Too delicious to let them have their fill
Delighting in my perfect tease

Adoring this game I play with myself
Knowing perfectly well what the outcome will be
Knowing just where I am taking myself
But seeing how long I can make the journey last
How long can I make myself wait
Can I expand the boundaries of my universe
Redefine my experience of pleasure
Discover new realms
New heavens

Perfect stillness
Body deceivingly calm
If I am quiet enough, I can hear God
As waves of new intensities wash through
Sensual flurries dancing beneath skin
Sliding under the surface
Nerve endings transfixed
Into millions of tiny gateways
Leading to another dimension

Space walker world tripper mind bender
Tiptoeing over stars
On my way to Heaven

23 Comments on “My Perfect Tease

  1. that’s mking a quick turn on…tearing the boxer and shooting up..looking for the sliding laces of the panties 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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