In the silence of you
Thinking down our sensual
Kissing in black and white
No more music
Memory continues to haunt me
Forgetting never the moments of you
that I tried to leave at your door
that are still in my bed
My empty bed
My soul swims here
mostly alone
Sometimes not
It should be you

7 Comments on “Missing

  1. Raw, haunting and real. This tugs at that place we too often try to keep hidden…covered up…too painful to acknowledge…tucked away out of sight until a song, a smell, a person, a sound, a word brings the loss and the longing flooding back over us again.

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    • Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I was going to say that I am so glad my words resonated with you, but actually, I suppose it would be much nicer if they didn’t. Would be nicer if this wasn’t part of our experience. But…as they say, with the sweet comes the sour…and makes the sweet even sweeter. Something so sublime in the longing…

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