Taking me by the hand, you lead me towards the dimly-lit cavern.
Richly hued tapestries painted with golden starlight
Drape the walls
Detailed scenes of lovers enacting passionate scenarios
Tiny mirrors sewn into the fabric
Sparkled starlight
Allowing me to see
Tiny glimpses of myself
Reflecting back to me
Sensuality distorts my vision
Is it me?
Or fantasy?
Is that you?
Or my fantasy?
Vague sense of familiarity, though certain I have never been here before.
Not exactly here anyway.
A new lover, a new dream, slightly more detailed than the last.
Slightly more real.

Perhaps a memory
from a different dream…

Reaching into the dark
A wave of sultry disorientation
Senses losing their grip on reality
Mind swirling and melting
As the new playground emerges
New rules arising with it
Rules I do not know
Rules you want to teach me
Rules from another dimension

I look down and realize
I have jeweled scales
of brilliant emerald green
Gems dripping down
My serpent skin

I see
Your serpent body
radiant electric sapphire blue
Erotically coiled
Around mine
Every inch of my new body tantalized and burning with desire
Seductive whispers from another galaxy echo across my skin
Sending me deeper into you

I begin to understand
I am viewing an image of my soul
Tears of euphoria run down
From inside my core
Glistening me wet
Preparing me
For your electric sapphire blue

Wrapped tight around each other
In absolute perfection
Intertwined with
Your radiant sapphire blue

Peering forward into the inky darkness
Sensing a beautiful glow
Even more perfect than our embrace
Ornate and lavish gold frame hanging on far wall
I move towards it
I turn back to look
And am met with emptiness
Alone again
In the dark
Forever being drawn
towards the perfection of the light
But forever desiring
the perfection of you
and your brilliant sapphire blue…

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