So…I should be putting myself to bed right now, but I find myself in this place again. This place I visit all too often. This place of desire and want. This place of craving and lust. It is always, always, always right there beneath the surface. It used to be much easier to work with…a quick little moment to myself with a sensual song and my beloved little vibrator would do the trick. I would feel quite satiated. Now though, things are not so simple. The need and longing are much deeper, more complex. It is no longer just the sexual release I crave so desperately. I want so much more than that right now. I want another body. I want flesh. I want skin to touch and lick and caress. A mouth to kiss, lips to taste, tongue dancing with mine. Fingers brushing sensually, slowly over skin. Exquisitely soft movements along and up and down. Sensations rising, teasing, tantalizing. Dizzy and light-headed from seductive energy permeating in and through and around. Passion running rampant.

And though these words are a very sad substitute, this beautiful fantasizing does help. Envisioning you; pretending you are here; imagining touching your delectable skin and feeling your body on mine…in mine…

Mmmm…maybe I might just have to see what my little toy is up to after-all…

Sweetest dreams to all of my lovely readers out there. Wish you were here. 😉

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