tender we touch
and dance round this hollow
depth of soul and a mesmerizing beauty
you penetrate deep
open me to a new reality
planets compel
and romance us
magic in the stars
spirits to lead the way
i feel through my core
deep luminous blue
seeps into the meaning
and there is nothing left to transform
beyond the touch
beyond the desire
you wake me to myself

i want to know

and now
now i want to know
know what goes through
your mind
through your mind when you hear
hear me quietly whisper
whisper into your ear
how desperately i long
long to feel
feel how exquisitely slow
how slow you can slide
slide the length
the entire length
of your beautiful cock –
your beautiful cock
that is so absolutely
absolutely beyond hard
hard after being wickedly licked
wickedly licked and relentlessly teased
teased by my luscious lips
my luscious wet lips
and slippery tongue –
whispering please
please slide
slide exquisitely slow
exquisitely slow
slow inside

tiniest taste

the lines that compel you
make you over
to want this
and smooth
i touch
my fingers
to my flesh
in black satin
feel you beneath
the surface
i open up my soul
to see you sitting there
with god on your lips
the ocean in your hand
i cross eternity
to feel you
inside me
i will forfeit
this lifetime
for the tiniest taste
of divine


enter winter
moonlight brightens
then disappears
left longing
cold and dark
stark fears of empty
that i fill
with yet another
sensual being
sleek through
lusty corridors
tree-lined view
of midnight sky
i open for you
and you take me
because this is it
tomorrow will not rise
to meet us
the present moment
is all we have
yet we barely recognize
a life lived backwards forwards
blinds us to now
unaccustomed and confused
moments disappear
as we fade to black
remember the beauty

empty to see

i take in the view
sequined pink
to catch the light
to catch the mood
slip it inside
furtive smile
hands in back rooms
a cock slides
along my tongue
a finger explores
becomes the one
for a moment
driven to gasp
take more
you want more
hung up high
for all the empty to see
answer the questions
that need answers
experience the desire
that must be fulfilled

this time

this time
i am hiding
in the back
to be found
to be felt
eyes half-closed
languid i lay
waiting to be touched
you walk
through the door
look at me
feel it all rise
i am naked
so i can feel you
fully clothed
rough denim
on my soft flesh
belt buckle digs
into me slightly
and i love this
i writhe
borders of cloth
of time
keep me at bay
in the most glorious way
don’t take it off
too soon
let it all


you bind my wrists
wrapped in fantasies
and desire for you
captivated and compelled
soaked in ecstasy
and shivering with want
you give me
a small sweet taste
promises of fulfillment
a dream for the ages
then find i’m
left hanging empty
my heart spilt
and dripping out
all over the floor
as your shadow
under yet another
closed door


slow and sleek
spread crimson satin
beneath my feet
colored seduction
whispers a scenario
for me to follow
to fill the empty
to appease the anguish
beautiful cocks
slip into my want
one after another
calling my name
begging for more
taking more
than i have to offer
greedy little needful things
both you and i
oblivious to repercussions
lost in fantasy
and desire
equally lost
in this strange realm
we call reality


determining my death
in this moment
stretched thin by eternity
rendered useless
insignificant fear
lays down to bed me
fucked relentlessly
when is it your turn
to seduce me so


dark together
and we want you
to leave oceans
lined with your death
an ego held high
to burn in the winds of change
and self manipulation
to hide the love
that tries to transform
despite the compulsion
towards an empty tomorrow
pretending to be okay
living on scraps
and disharmony
of intent
and perfection
drive yourself to your death
to turn back and wonder

never enough

dream me into you
carving ancient ruins
into my psyche
to open the door
transform old deaths
into new promise
fresh love
to fuck or destroy
to mutilate
or liberate
hanging on the edge
of dreams made flesh
reliving nightmares
when unconsciousness reigns
to devour and divide
to have all you ever wanted
will never be enough
the beauty lies in release
drop down your hands

in you

intricate web
of sensuality and seduction
lost beneath
dark desires
that consume my nights
compel my days
promise me
the depth of your soul
allow me soft slow
i dine sweet
on your flesh
create a new beauty
in me
open wide alive
for the very first time
gold silver
and blue
place a frame
around eternity
yearn into the depths
to create this
to end all longing
til we begin again
desire born anew
perfection in the connection
compels the separation
to experience again
the exquisite embrace
of exquisite longing
sacred dance
of the ages
to form the essence
and complete the process
of the cosmos
devotion to connection
deepen my ascension
i go in
to move out
and through
i want to call god
in you
allow me that much
to consume my want
in you
you make me wait
watch the death of tiny spaces
in my tiny heart
my soul
never to have
your full perfection
a distinct and certain knowing
of unattainable unity
i see god
in you
in your flesh
i claw too hard
to climb inside
of you
i live this life
of absolute and true
devotion to you
to find god
in you
denied in you
a shunned beauty
to die inside
of you

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