i recently discovered…

how deliciously hard i like my nipples licked and flicked and sucked on. i adore every aspect of it – watching lips and tongues swirl and wrap around my sweet hard little nipple – watching it disappear into your hot wet mouth – see your beautiful hands and fingers caressing my sweet little breasts caressing lightly then more firmly, assertively, assuredly. the feeling of you taking them in, slightly devouring. just simply turns me on –
something slightly primal and very carnal. light soft hard firm wet dry slow vigorous. i love to lose myself in the myriad sensations and visuals

these are the thoughts that are running through my fantasy right now
these are the thoughts that need to be my reality right now

in this moment

scarlet jewels
sparkle thru
visions of awakening
alive in my lust
of new flesh and blood
your mysterious display
hides in the darkness

bending down
to crawl into you
tiny heart locket
slips from my neck
lightly brushing
your cock
a beautiful sight
of hard silver and flesh

reaching down
mind melts into my panties
boundaries of flesh dissolve
into black shimmering light

i know eternity
in this moment

and i know god
in our flesh

slowly down

slowly down your fuck
i slide
charcoal velvet whispers
across my skin
warm breath
as i near your luscious lips
various sensations
vying for attention
almost still
that i may take them all
take you all
to my core
where the lust radiates
radiates us
hot and cool

036resized (2).jpg


make me real

desire consumes
beyond comprehension
lost focus
to feel alive
to feel fulfilled
what can you do
for me
how hard will you fill
this void
trust the shared empty
to move you
to me
take my soul
take it all
make me breathe
make me real
in you

of my desire

core drips black and hard
expanse of space
to make eternal
deep blue lust
spreading through time
morphing with each
new encounter
to fulfill the vision
of my desire
formed of richness
and complexity
each expression
adds new dimension
to my want
new realizations
of my unfathomable


i imagine
your hands on me
sweet slow pressure
movement and passion
i want you again
need to feel you again
to know if it was real
is real
i compare everything to you
to my faded memory of you
feels like forever
and only yesterday
you live and die
in my dreams
that I continue to play
in my mind
night after night
in my bed
i want you again
need to feel you again
i am getting so close
to giving in

of the ages

conundrums and contradictions
i am everything and nothing
sleek down inside
ease yourself into me
attempt to comprehend
the depths
of my desire

i want to take you with me
to heaven
and to hell
to talk with the gods
who dwell in realms
of intensity and pleasure
beyond the edges
of this reality

fantasies splash
across starlit skies
rain down fresh
soaking hot flesh

indigo cravings
quench lust-filled desires
spread out sensual
in perfect embrace
in this
the union
of the ages


souls made flesh

sensuality echoes through
teasing my torment
vintage rose colored
velvet and lace
sitting still with the temptation
letting it soak into me
lick through the edges
of my desire
savoring the longing
until you slip yourself
ever so gently
into my want
lips brush against my face
warm breath
so much movement
in the stillness
and we are in another world
of seduction and stars
lost in the brilliance
of our souls made flesh


what color

golden liquid amber bathes smooth flesh in breathless warmth
passion spills its colors
what is the color of your passion most would say red right away – deep powerful attention-getting red
but what about purple mauve blue forest green – rolling fresh fuck over mossy beds in twilight and dew twinkle of first star
ebony black to suck every bit of your flesh to devour sunset orange running down the romance
swallows you and brilliance
rich blue velvet lavishing skin soaked in elegance
electric violet explodes
dripping down sensitive crevices tongue the colors off of me ornamented and shimmering
peacock feathers six inch heels
so I can reach your lips vertical naked horizon spreads out before you
get your brush
paint me however you like
color me with your passion
while i play chameleon for you

i dream into

up against the wall black pouring through the air turns me on and around hand slides up my thigh vibrations through my mind sliding up against your flesh panties fall to the floor you know what i mean what i dream into the fluidity of movement feel you on the inside of all of me i worship your lips with mine make you slow to still

i feel you on the inside

Amidst the Flames

like gravity floating backward
they stand
amidst the smoke and flames
anxiously waiting for nothing
sound ceasing endlessly
weary and wandering
i fuck the night

An Eternity One Time…

at night
when I have you in my bed
i tip-toe around the edges of your soul
looking for the places
where yours connects to mine
while fingers move across your skin
lips drink luscious of your flesh
and your exquisite bottom lip
i never told you this but
i think i spent an eternity there one time


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